Answering The ‘You Say You Are Into Music’ Challenge

A photo of David Bowie and a collage of tickets to his concerts
Collage by the author

Scott-Ryan Abt is one of my favourite music writers on Medium or anywhere, really. He often reminds me of great songs I’d forgotten, or introduces new-to-me music, which I always appreciate.

So, when I read the above article, I felt compelled to answer the questions, even though, as mentioned in my response, I had a million things to do. Scott then told me I should turn the comment into an article (Yay — another item to add to my list!). I interpreted this as a dare. So here we are — his questions, my answers.

1. What kind of music do you like?

Rock, New wave/alternative, pop, synth, some punk, some Ska–everything early 80s or that grew from that era, folk music.

2. What kind of music did you grow up on?

50’s rock and roll–Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and anything you could jive to, from my Mum. Also the Beatles and Mersey Beat bands, stuff from the early Sixties. She was a Radio Caroline listener in those days. My Dad has always loved the crooners like Nat King Cole and Dean Martin.

3. What’s your favourite band?

Tough question. Overarching, I’d say The Beatles, Bowie, Genesis. However, there are many others, depending on the day.

4. What is the first show you went to on your own?

Elvis Costello and The Attractions. At Johnson Hall, Yeovil, Somerset. 1979. We hung out at the back to dance–a flailing of arms and legs that required space!

5. What’s the first record/tape/CD you bought with your own money? And do you still have it?

45 — Dance with the Devil by Cozy Powell — a strange choice for an eleven-year-old, now that I think about it. I’ve always loved drums though…

LP — Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

6. What is the best show you’ve ever seen? What was the worst?

Starting with the worst — the least said about it the better. PJ Harvey, opening for U2

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