3. Perseverance. I have been writing a novel for the best part of twenty years. It’s a writing project that defines perseverance — persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

In case anyone wonders why the damn thing isn’t finished yet, in those years I have worked full-time, volunteered, and moved three times (twice coast-to-coast across Canada!). I’ve entered a variety of writing contests, achieved a writing certificate, and plotted out at least three other novels.

Factoring in my obviously short attention span, bouts of absolute laziness, general life happenings, and managing my MS, well… there you have it!

I’ve thought about quitting and starting over on a fresh, new project. But I can’t do it. Which may be blind stubbornness (I am a Taurus!), rather than perseverance. However, finish it I will — even if it takes another twenty years.



DM (Donna) Hanton, Writer

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